welcome to my world of warcraft page. here you will learn a little about the primary thing that i waste my life doing when i should probably be doing something more constructive...like getting a college degree, getting in shape, playing with my kids, or giving some sweet love to my wife.

shoeface on a lonely quest my main character is a mage named shoeface. the name is an old college nickname that over the years has simply become shoe. although shoeface is my main character, he wasn't the first. the first was chief, a warrior, who i'll eventually work to improve, but am having too much fun with shoeface. i also am working on a priest named shoegesicht (german for shoeface).
shoeface and shoegesicht are in a guild named defenders of the q, the most awesome guild i've been a member of! other guilds weren't very helpful, but the q has been great with help finishing quests and providing a little assistance with...finances. questing with guildies is a lot of fun...and healthy. questing with friends is fun....and healthy
it's been a lot of work (if you can call it that) getting shoeface leveled up. at the time of this writing he's a level 52. i can understand why folks are able to sell characters on the internet...if i charged for shoeface i'd have to sell him for at least $1000 considering the number of hours i've spent playing wow.
shoeface is a private but has achieved the rank of corporal. battlegrounds and raids are hilarious! here's shoeface at the gates of the undercity...i think he'll need a little help... at the gates of the undercity
looking a bit....psycho there are other items shoeface could wear that offer more armor protection than these goggles....but nothing else looks as cool...