buy shoe gear
these t's are high quality, heavy duty shirts for all your extreme activities, or just for hangin'...
available in adult sizes: s, m, l, xl, xxl
t's come in black and red
only US$19.95 each + shipping and handling
the iamtheshoe classic! on the front in white lettering.
the iamtheshoe classic in red! on the front in black lettering.
the iamtheshoe classic for the ladies! on the front in pink lettering.
this t expresses how the shoe feels on most days...
black w/white text
white w/black text
red w/black text
poetry fans rejoice...this t has the classic site cover from rune & rhyme...the inaugural shoe site
black w/white text on front/red on back
white w/black text on front/red on back
red w/black text

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