frequently asked questions

  • so let me get this build web pages for fun, and you want to make one for me?
  • who would host my web page?
    there are several companies that can do that. chances are your internet service provider (isp) provides you with disk space to host your site. additionally, companies like geocities, yahoo, and netscape will host your site for free. if you want your own domain name (like or there is a company called bluedomino that is awesome and cheap! i highly recommend your check them out! and if you do decide to host your website with them they'll give you $300 dollars worth of free software (the same stuff i use to create websites)!
  • who would maintain the page once you've built it?
    you would....or we could do that.
  • how long has swd been building web pages?
    about 12 years.

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